The Pack Contains:

2K Textures for Unity’s Physically Based Shader (Albedo, Mettalic Smoothness with Gloss in the alpha channel, Normal map, and Ambient Occlusion). A separate set of 2K textures for Unity’s Unlit Shader, for situation where ultimate performance is required (The lighting is baked into the textures in the style of games like DOTA). Skinned Soldier Model (FBX format) compatible with Unity’s Mecanim Humanoid rig. Soldier Model with triangle count in the range of 5.5K to 7K depending on the attachments enabled.

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 1

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 2

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 3

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 4

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 5

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 6

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 7

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 8

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 9

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 10

CCP_Soldiers_Screenshot 11